With Manuel Reyes we have an artist that practises honesty in his dancing, honesty entailed in discipline, knowlegde and work. Always far away from effects and gratuitous movements, these virtues and the ability to communicate with transparency the way he is, are clearly appreciated in his works.

Very fond of music, he composes sometimes some parts of the lyrics and the music of his works, always considering the music as similar as the dancing, keeping the steady conviction that a good dancer is always a good musician but with important difference that music is only to be heard and dance is audio-visual.

Manuel Reyes is an artist of selected taste, of exquisite sounds and sober powers.
His steps have the ability to involve you in a thicket of chaotic but crushed logic and come from a primitive but sophisticated place where only him can take you to, being he is the only one to know the way to reach it.

In Manuel Reyes, we find a teacher with kind manners that make the student feel confortable in a relax and warm atmosphere, the one that is appropriated to learn the important keys for the good development of this such peculiar art that is flamenco.

Owning a personal and pure technique, Manuel Reyes has the ability to create in the student the need of knowing really much more about this art, and the ability to make understand, thanks to his great education, the real senses of the flamenco feeling. His clases result ideal for professional as for beginners in order to take advantage of the genuine essence of this great teacher and in order for some students to find important values sometimes forgotten and for the others to learn basic and fundamental notions for the good apprenticeship for this dance.

Manuel Reyes is endorsed as a teacher by the mythical academy "AMOR DE DIOS" (Madrid), where he has been given clases since 1997 and he also gives international workshops in important cities of the world such as: TOKIO, MONTREAL, COPENHAGEN, MARSELLA, PARIS etc.